Driving any vehicle requires maintenance upkeep to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Some things can be done once a year, while others need to be checked or changed every 6 months or other milestones. Lexus provides a manual that includes recommended maintenance schedules and what should  be performed at these life stages of your vehicle. Here are some of the highlights!


6 months or 5,000 Miles

  • Replace the engine oil and oil filter

  • Clean the air conditioner filter

  • Rotate your tires

  • Visually inspect the brake pads and rotors

  • Road-test vehicle


12 months or 10,000 miles

  • Replace the engine oil and oil filter

  • Cleans/Replace (if needed) air conditioner filter

  • Rotate tires

  • Visually inspect brake pads and rotors

  • Road-test vehicle


While these are some of the basics that should be checked regularly, the Lexus Maintenance Manual gives maintenance recommendations for up to 180 months or 15 years. Following this schedule will extend the life of your Lexus. 


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Source: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omms-s/06LexSCHU_MS0006/pdf/06LexSCHU_MS0006f.pdf
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